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Calligraphy Data

Calligraphy Data

*Under Construction*

When this is completed, you will be able to get your calligraphy art in a data format.

From there, you can use it to create T-shirts, cellphone cases and much much more! Of course for personal and business use.

You will be able to choose from standard style, cursive style or ancient clerical style.

One of a kind calligraphy made just for you.

Here at Kanji de SHO, calligrapher Shunyou takes your request and then puts brush to paper to create a work of art like no other.

You can choose from kanji characters, a favorite word or even your name. Let me turn your name into a work of art using kanji characters.

A present for a newborn, a one of a kind birthday present, a souvenir or even a wedding gift.

Our calligraphy art is the perfect thing for when you want to give something that is one of a kind.

Calligraphy Size
Available data formats PDF/ JPG/ PNG/ AI
Takes 2 weeks to finish

*Under Construction*


From Start to Finish

Place your order in our online shop
Online Shop

Order confirmation email
We will send you a confirmation mail back within 24 hours on a buisness day. Please tell us what words you want used, if you want them written vertically or horizontally, and also what color mounting you want.

Check the samples
We will also send you a rough draft picture of what your calligraphy will look like. Once we have gotten your approval, I will start creating the final version.

Confirmation of the finished product
A picture will be sent to you of the final version within 2 weeks.

Delivered to you
The final version will be sent directly to you via mail.

*Under Construction*

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Calligraphy Data
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