Peaceful calligraphy,
Peaceful life,
Peaceful mind


Framed type

Perfect for those special words you always want in view.


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Peaceful calligraphy,
Peaceful life,
Peaceful mind


Shunyou takes your request,
turns them in into art and then delivers
them right to you from Japan.

Using the sound and pronunciation of your name, I choose Kanji characters to express your name. I think very hard and carefully about the best combination of Kanji characters to use.
Example: Ms. Salome
  早 Sa ... youthful, fresh
  路 lo ... safety on the journey of life
  萌 me ... budding, hope, growth
These Kanji characters together have the meaning of life, sprouting anew and moving toward hope.

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Treasure From Japan

I want to keep the traditional items of a calligrapher important even in our modern day.

Japanese paper, ink stones and the ink itself.
These things have been used by calligraphers for generations and I continue to use them as well.

I hope that when you see my calligraphy,
it brings a little warmth into your heart.

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