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Mini-Folding Screen Type

Mini-Folding Screen Type

A mini-folding screen for everywhere.

It might be postcard size, but this mini-screen makes a big impact.

While the calligraphy goes on the front, the back is decorated with traditional golden Japanese paper.
The design and textures of traditional Japan abound in the use of Japanese paper and kimono prints.

It can be opened from both sides which makes it easy to display.
All calligraphy is done on Hosokawa paper. Hosokawa paper is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage item.

The calligraphy is held in place by strings instead of being mounted directly onto the screen.

One of a kind calligraphy made just for you.

Here at Kanji de SHO, calligrapher Shunyou takes your request and then puts brush to paper to create a work of art like no other.

You can choose from kanji characters, a favorite word or even your name. Let me turn your name into a work of art using kanji characters.

A present for a newborn, a one of a kind birthday present, a souvenir or even a wedding gift.

Our calligraphy art is the perfect thing for when you want to give something that is one of a kind.

About the Mini-Folding Screen

Vertical and Horizontal

When ordering, you can choose vertical or horizontal written calligraphy.
If you want us to use fabric that you provide, you can only choose vertical type.

Background Paper

As background paper, we recommend using the gold Japanese paper. It really adds a sense of regality to the screen.
Other fabrics or paper can be used. Please inquire about these when you are making your order.
If you want to supply us with the fabric you want us to use, it will cost an extra 2000 yen.


A box is included for easy storage.
Box size: 19 cm long/13 cm wide/ 2 cm tall.

Calligrapher's Artwork, Shunyo [Hanging scroll type] casing / making a gift of

Size Closed: 18cm tall/ 12cm wide.
Open: 18cm tall/ 24 cm wide.
Takes 3 weeks to finish

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From Start to Finish

Place your order in our online shop
Online Shop

Order confirmation email
We will respond to you within 24 hours on a buisness day. We will confirm the words you want, vertical or horizontal format and also what types of fabric or paper do you want used.

*For people who want us to use the fabric that they provide, the above system is the same. Except that will start everything from when we receive your fabric.

Check the samples
Once a sample is made, we will send you a photo for confirmation. If it is to your liking, then we create the final product.

Confirmation of the finished product
A picture will be sent to you of the final version within 1 weeks.

Delivered to you
The final version will be sent directly to you via airmail.

Online Shop

Type name
Mini-Folding Screen Type
Closed: 18cm tall/ 12cm wide. Open: 18cm tall/ 24 cm wide.
3 weeks to finish
Online Shop