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” 穀雨 Koku u “

What is today’s date [Calendar
April 19

April 19 is the 24th day of the 24 solar terms in the calendar.
” 穀雨 Koku u ”
April 19 is the day of the 24 solar terms in the calendar!

◾️二十四節気 Nijushisekki (24 solar terms)

There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
The calendar that divides spring, summer, fall and winter into 6 parts is called “Nijushisekki”.

The 24 seasonal divisions of spring
立春 Risshun → 雨水 Usui → 啓蟄 Keichitsu → 春分 Shunbun(Spring Equinox) → 晴明 Seimei → 穀雨 Kokuyu

◾️穀雨 Kokuyu
The last of the 24 solar terms in spring, when the rain that blesses the grains falls moistly

This is the last of the 24 Sekki of Spring.

The next 24 solar terms is “立夏 Rikka” on May 5.
The calendar says that summer has arrived.

◾️ 七十二候 Shichijuniko(The 72 solar terms)
The calendar is further divided into three parts
24 x 3 = 72
A more detailed description of seasonal changes

The first season (around April 19~24)

葭始生 ashi hajimete shozu
The time when reed near the water begin to sprout and plants in the fields and mountains begin to glow green.

The next season, from April 25th to around April 29th
霜止出苗 shimo yande nae izuru
Frost will cease to fall and seedlings will begin to grow

The last month of the year, from April 30 to around May 4
牡丹華 botan hana saku
Around the time when peony flowers bloom

Warm and rainy days are becoming more and more frequent.
Every time we wake up, we can see the buds and flowers of the trees and plants in our gardens growing 🌱.

Around the time of the grain rain, when the moisture necessary for growth falls from the heavens, plants are receiving the blessing of rain and growing strong 🪴.

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