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  3. The exhibition has already ended😔

The exhibition has already ended😔

The exhibition has already ended😔.

2023 The 45th International Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

The National Art Center, Tokyo

January 25-January 30

Exhibited this year

The works are


Rakuyodo    Chokogyin

だいどう なおきこと かみのごとく

daido naokikoto kaminogotoku

しゅんじつ かきおおし

shunzitu kakiooshi



そうそう ぎょくかを ならす

soso gyokukao narasu

Daido Naokikoto

Daido Naoikikikoto as if it were a god

Kasuga Kakita

Shunzu Kaki Oshi

Goryo nobles

Goryo no Kikishi

Shuuso naki gyokka

so and so, let the gyokeka be silent

The capital’s main road stretches straight like a hair

The spring day is energetic and joyous

In the midst of it, the nobles living in Goryo

Two in a row, their horses’ shoe ornaments clattering

Riding side by side, their horses’ saddle ornaments clinking

Jiguangyi (707~763)

707~763 A poet of the Ming Dynasty

Collection of Urasoe City Museum of Art, Okinawa

Five words and five phrases in mother-of-pearl inlaid with beads of bamboo and tigers in vermilion lacquer

(Five words and phrases written on the “Zabyo” (folding screen)

Ryukyu,” a special exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan.

I was so moved by the folding screen on display at the

I was so moved

I was so moved by it that I decided to write it.

70×135 horizontally and vertically on full-size paper


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