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It is the “芒種 Boshu “


From today, according to the calendar of 二十四節気: Nijushisekki (24 solar terms).

It is the “芒種 Boshu ” in the 24 solar terms calendar!

■ 二十四節気 Nijushisekki (24 solar terms)

The calendar divides the year into 6 parts

The calendar that divides the year into 6 parts is called “Nijushisekki”.

■ 24 solar terms in summer

立夏 Rikka → 小満 Shoman →芒種 Boshu → 夏至 Geshi:Summer solstice→ 小暑 Shosho → 大暑 Taisho

■ 芒種 Boshu

Summer is the time to sow the seeds of rice and other plants that will produce ears.

The time when seeds of rice and other plants that produce ears are sown.

The next 24th day of the month is June 21, “Summer Solstice” 夏至 Geshi.

■ 七十二候 Shitijuniko : The 72nd day of the month

A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

The first season (around 6~10 June)

螳螂生 Kamakiri shozu

The time when praying mantis are born from eggs laid in autumn.

The next season, from 11 to 15 days

腐草為蛍 Kusaretarukusa hotaru tonaru

Around the time when fireflies are flying around, shining their light.

begin to light up under the steaming, rotting grass.

Around 16~20, the last day of the season

梅子黄 Umenomi kinari

Around the time when plum blossoms turn yellow

Umezume: Rain around the time when ume fruits ripen



This year seems to be a good year for ume (Japanese apricot) harvest!

I made pickled plums and pickled plum wine according to my mother’s instruction.

Now all we have to do is wait for the rainy season to end and let the plums dry in the sun for three days and three nights.



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