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Today is the “Shubun”!

Calligrapher's Artwork, Shunyo 秋分

Today marks the beginning of “Shubun,” one of the 24 seasons(二十四節気 Nijyushisekki).

The fourth of autumn on the calendar
Today is the middle of autumn

Risshu => Chushu => Shirazume => Shubun => Kanro => Soko

The next 24 seasons will be “Kanro” on October 8.

秋分 (Shubun)
The day when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the length of day and night are the same, as in “Shunbun”.
The week around the “Shubun” is the Autumnal equinox, when autumn gradually deepens.

72 micro-seasons(七十二候 Shichijuniko)
The calendar that divides the 24 seasons into three is called the 72 micro-seasons.


初候(Shoko) Around 23~27 days
雷乃収声 (Kaminarisukawachikoewoosamu)
When the thunder stops.


次候(Jiko) Around 28~2 days
蟄虫坯戸 (Mushikakuretetowofusagu)
When the insects begin to nest.


末候(Makko) Around 3~7 days
水始涸 (Mizuhajimetekaruru)
Drain the water from the paddy and let it dry.


September 21st was the Harvest moon!
And it was a full moon ministry.

The moon gives us power, and the season is in the middle of autumn.
I think the days will be comfortable from now on.

Let’s go out for a picnic! 月見


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