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  3. Today marks the start of 大寒!

Today marks the start of 大寒!


  • Today marks the start of 大寒 DAIKAN the “Great Cold” period of 二十四節気 NIZYUSISEKKI the 24 solar terms!

The calendar divides the year into 6 parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

24 solar terms in winter
立冬 Ritto→ 小雪 Shosetsu → 大雪 Taisetsu → 冬至 Toji:winter solstice → 小寒 Shokan → 大寒 Daikan

■ 大寒 Daikan
The coldest time of the year

The 30 days from 小寒 “Shokan” to 節分 “Setsubun” is called the “end of the cold season.

The next 24th day of the year is 立春 Risshun on February 4.
The calendar says it is the beginning of spring 🌱.

■ 七十二候 Shitizyuniko The 72 seasons
The calendar divides the 24 solar terms into 3 parts.

The first season (around 20th~24th)
款冬華 Fukinohana saku
Fuki (Japanese parsley) is in full bloom.
Around the time when butterbur flowers begin to bloom on the frozen ground

The next season, from 25th to 29th
水沢腹堅 Sawamizu kori tumeru
When the water in the streams turn to ice and become thick and icy.
The lowest temperature is often seen at this time of the year.

Latter Weather, around 30th~3rd
鶏始乳 Niwatori hazimete royani tuku
When chickens begin to lay eggs.
As the daylight hours increase, the laying of eggs increases.


The weather forecast said the coldest wave of the winter is coming. Next week, the whole of Japan will be completely in the cold wave 🥶.

Freezing, power outages, falls, slips, traffic jams.
Let’s be careful and ride out this cold weather. ❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎❄︎☃️

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