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Today is 雨水 “Usui”

Today is 雨水 “Usui” in 二十四節気 NIZYUSHISEKKI the 24 solar terms calendar!

The calendar divides the year into 6 parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

The 24 solar terms of spring

立春 Risshun → 雨水 Usui → 啓蟄 Keihinetsu → 春分 Shunbun Vernal Equinox → 晴明 Seimei → 穀雨 Kokuu

■ 雨水 USUI

The time when snowfall changes to rain and melting of snow begins

It was considered to be the time to start farming.

The next 24 solar terms is “Keichitsu” on March 6.

■ 七十二候 SHICHIZHUNIKO The 72 solar terms

A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

The first season is from around the 19th to the 23rd.

土脉潤起 tsuchinosho uruoi okoru

The ground becomes moist with water.

Next symptom: 24~28 days

霞始靆 kasumi hazimete tanabiku

Fog and clouds begin to form.

Latter weather, from the 1st to the 5th

草木萌動 soumoku mebae izuru

When grass and trees begin to sprout.


Today the temperature is warmer and I opened the neck of my winter jacket.

Three cold days, four warm days, never let your guard down! Another cold day…

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