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Today is 小暑 SHOSHO !

Today is the Nizyusisekki 二十四節気 of the 24 solar terms, “Shosho 小暑”!

The calendar divides the year into six parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

We are now in Shosho 小暑, the last part of the summer season!
Rikka 立夏 → Shoman 小満 → Boshu 芒種 → Gesi   夏至 Summer Solstice → Shosho 小暑 → Taisho 大暑

The next 24 solar terms, Nizyusisekki are
July 23rd, “Taisho 大暑”!

The rainy season is over, the heat is in full swing, and the cicadas begin to sing.

■ Shichijuni kou (72 seasons) 七十二候
A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

・The first season (around 7~11 days)

温風至 atsukazeitaru

Warm winds begin to blow.
Around the time when hot winds start to blow

・The next season: around 12th~16th

蓮始開 hasuhazimetehiraku
Lotus blossoms open for the first time
Around the time when lotus flowers begin to bloom.
Lotus flowers fall on the fourth day after they open.

・The last symptom is around 17~22 days.
鷹乃学習 takasunawatigakusyusu

Around the time when young hawks begin to learn how to fly


This year, the rainy season ended early and we are already experiencing a hot summer with warm winds 🥵.

The next 24 solar terms
The next 24th day of the year, “Taisho” is also “Doyou-no-Ushi”.
I hope to eat an eel as soon as possible to get my strength up 😁.


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