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Today marks the start “kokuu”

Today marks the start of the 24th day of the year, “kokuu”, which means “穀雨” in Japanese!
Spring is now the last in the calendar for the ministry.

The calendar divides the year into six parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

The sixth of the spring seasonal climate is “kokuu”.
Risshun → Usui → Keisetsu → Syunbun(Vernal Equinox) → Seimei → Kokuu

The next 24 seasonal divisions are
“Rikka” is on May 5!
As the character indicates, we are entering “summer” on the calendar.

Kokuu 穀雨
Around the time of blessed rain so that plenty of moisture and nutrients can reach many grains.

The 72 seasons (Shichijuni kou)
A calendar that divides the 24 solar terms into three more categories

The first season (around 20~24th)
葭始生 Ashi hajimete shouzu

The reeds along the water’s edge begin to sprout, and mountain and wild plants begin to glow with green.


The next weather season: (around 25~29 th)

霜止出苗 shimoyande narizuru

Frost stops and the seedlings emerge.
Time when frost ceases to fall and seedlings begin to grow


Around 30~4 days after the last day of the season

牡丹華 botan hanasaku
Peony blossoms bloom
Around the time peonies, the king of the hundred flowers, begin to bloom


Spring is in its final chapter, albeit on the calendar!
The trees are quickly becoming lush and green with buds and life force 🌳.

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