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Today is “処暑 Shosho”

Today is “処暑 Shosho” in the 24 solar terms calendar.(二十四節気 nijushisekki)

“Summer heat wave” in the 24 solar terms.
on the 24 solar terms calendar!

■ 二十四節気(nijushisekki) The 24 solar terms

The calendar divides the year into spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Also, the calendar that divides the year into 6 parts is called “Nijushisekki” (24 solar terms).

Nijushisekki of Autumn
立秋 Risshu (the first day of autumn) → 処暑 Shosho → 白露 Hakuro → 秋分 Shubun : Autumnal equinox → 寒露 Kanro → 霜降 Soko

■ 処暑 Shosho
The heat eases and cool breezes blow in the mornings and evenings.

The next 24th day of the year is “Hakuro” on September 8.

■ 七十二候 Shichijuniko:The 72 solar terms
A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

The first season is from 23rd to 27th.
綿柎開 Watano hanashibe hiraku
The sepals that wrap the cotton open and the cotton hairs start to fly out from the inside.

The next season (from 28th to 1st)
天地始粛 Tennchi hajimete samushi
Around the time when the heat subsides and autumn is felt with the cool air.

The last season is around 2~7 days.

禾乃登 Kokumono sunawachi minoru
Around the time when rice and other crops begin to bear fruit and grow heavy


The heat doesn’t seem to have subsided yet this year 😞.

I hope you don’t get tired of the heat…


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