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Today is the summer solstice, 夏至(GESHI) !

Today is 夏至(GESHI) the summer solstice, one of the 24 solar terms, 二十四節気(NIZYUSISEKKI).

The calendar divides the year into six seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

The summer solstice is in the middle of the summer seasonal divisions.
立夏 Rikka → 小満 Shoman → 芒種 Boshu → 夏至 Geshi (Summer Solstice) → 小暑 Shosho → 大暑 Taisho

The next 24 solar terms are
“小暑 Shosho” on July 7!

■ 夏至 GESHI (Summer Solstice)
The day when the days are the longest and nights the shortest of the year.

The heat increases day by day.

Daylight hours become shorter from this day toward winter.

■ 七十二候 Sitizyuniko

A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

・The first season (around 21st~26th)
乃東枯 Natsukarekusakaruru
The time when “summer withered grass” (also known as “pitcher plant”), which sprouted around the winter solstice, withers away.
The summer withers are a medicinal plant used in Chinese herbal medicine.

・The next weather season(around 27th~1st)
菖蒲華 Ayamehanasaku
Around the time when iris flowers bloom

・The last weather period, (around 2~6 days)
半夏生 Hangesyozu
Around the time when the “Han-ge” (Japanese larkspur) grows.
A member of the Dokudamiaceae family, with inconspicuous and plain white flowers.
This is the only time of year when the green leaves turn white.


Well, the rice paddies have been watered and the planting has begun!

May the rice be delicious… 🌾.

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