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Today marks the start BOSHU (芒種)


Today marks the start of the 24th day of the 24 solar terms, “芒種” BOSHU!

The calendar divides the year into six parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

The third of the summer seasonal calendar is “芒種” BOSHU.
Rikka 立夏 → Shoman 小満 → Boshu 芒種 →Geshi 夏至 → Shosho 小暑 → Taisho 大暑

The next 24 solar terms are
June 21, the summer solstice, Geshi 夏至 !

■ BOSHU 芒種
The time to sow the seeds of grains with a grain grain glabrous, rice, and other plants that produce ears.
(Actually, seeds are sown earlier than this).

Rainy days increase around this time.

The 72 solar terms (Shichijuni kou)
A calendar that divides the 24 solar terms into three more

The first season:(around 6 to 10 days)

The time when praying mantis are born from eggs laid in autumn.
Praying mantises do not touch crops, but catch insect pests.

The next season: around 11~15 days
Around the time when fireflies are flitting about, glowing with light
*Fireflies, which are thought to live near clean water, begin to glow under steaming, rotting grass

The last season of the year : around 16th~20th


Around the time when plum blossoms turn yellow


The wheat harvest is over and the smoke from the burning fields is rising from everywhere.
The rain is preparing to fall, too.

It’s time to tear off the plums, make plum wine, plum juice, and pickled plums!


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