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Today marks “立秋:Risshyu”

Today marks “立秋:Risshyu” in the 24 solar terms calendar :二十四節気(nijushisekki)

According to the calendar, we have entered the autumn season!

■ 二十四節気 The 24 solar terms

The calendar that divides the year into six parts

The calendar divides the year into 6 parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

24 Setsukki of Autumn

立秋 Risshu → 処暑 Shosho → 白露 Hakuro → 秋分 Shubun: Autumnal equinox → 寒露 Kanro → 霜降 Soko

■ 立秋 Risshu

Hot days continue, but after the Bon festival, signs of autumn can be felt.

From this day, “hottest day of the year” is replaced by “lingering summer heat omai”.

The next 24th day of the year is August 23rd, which is called 処暑 Syosyo.


■ 七十二候 (Shichijuniko)

The 72 solar terms

A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

・The first season is from around August 8 to 12.

涼風至 Suzukaze itaru

The time when the hot winds of summer begin to give way to the cool winds of autumn.

・The next symptom is around 13th~17th.

寒蝉鳴 Higurashi naku

The chirping of cicadas begins to signal the end of summer.

・The last month of the year, from around 18th to 23rd

蒙霧升降 Fukaki kiri matou

Around the time when deep white fog begins to form in the forests and along the water’s edge.


On top of the continuing heat, a typhoon is targeting Japan.

Pray for no more disasters 🙏.

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