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  3. Today is the first day of “大暑 Taisho”

Today is the first day of “大暑 Taisho”

Today is the first day of “大暑 Taisho” in the 24 solar terms calendar :二十四節気(nijushisekki).

■ 二十四節気(nijushisekki)

24 solar terms

The calendar that divides the year into six parts

The calendar divides the year into six parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.


Twenty-four solar terms in summer

立夏 Rikka → 小満 Shoman → 芒種 Boshu → 夏至 Geshi:Summer Solstice → 小暑 Shosho → 大暑 Taisho

Summer is the hottest time of the year.

The time of the year when the weather is at its hottest

Summer festivals, fireworks displays, and other summer events are held in various regions.

Please send your summer greeting card by the day before the first day of autumn (8/7).


The next 24th solar term is “立秋 Risshu” on August 7, which is the beginning of “autumn” according to the calendar.

■ 七十二候(shichijuniko)

The 72 solar terms

A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

The first season (from 23rd to 27th)

桐始結花 Kiri hajimete hanawo musubu

The paulownia tree, which bears egg-shaped fruit around the time of midsummer, is traditionally regarded as a sacred tree.

It is used in the coat of arms of the Japanese government.


The next weather season is around 28~1

土潤溽暑 Tsuchi uruoite mushiatsushi

A hot and humid period when the air is hot and humid

Last weather season from 2 to 6 days

大雨時行 Taiu tokidoki furu

Around the time of heavy summer rains such as evening showers and typhoons


Torrential rains at the end of the rainy season have caused disasters across the country

I am stunned that we are helpless against the power of nature,

I hope for a speedy recovery.

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