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From today, it’s 晴明 SEIMEI !

From today, according to 二十四節気 Nijushisekki, the 24 solar terms calendar

It is “Seimei 晴明!

■ 二十四節気 Nijushisekki (24 solar terms)

The calendar divides the year

The calendar further divides the year into 6 parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

Nijushisekki of Spring

立春 Risshun → 雨水 Usui→ 啓蟄 Keichitu → 春分 Syunbun : Vernal Equinox → 晴明 Seimei → 穀雨 Kokuu

■ 晴明 Seimei

Abbreviation of “Seimei,” which expresses the clean and lively spring

A time when flowers bloom, young leaves bud, a fresh wind blows, and all things feel clean and bright.

The next 24th day of the month is “kokuu” (April 20).

■ 七十二候 Shichijuniko The 72 solar terms

A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

The first season is from the 5th to the 9th.

玄鳥至 Tubame kitaru

The time when swallows come to Japan after spending the winter in warm Southeast Asia.

The arrival of the swallows signifies the arrival of full-fledged spring and the farming season.

The next weather season is around 10~14

鴻雁北 Kogan kaeru

In contrast to the swallow, the geese that have spent the winter in Japan return to Siberia in the north.

The last season, around 15th~19th

虹始見 Niji hazimete arawaru

Around the time when rainbows are seen for the first time


The cherry blossoms are following in the footsteps of the cherry trees.

The days are getting warmer and warmer under the bright sunshine during the daytime 🌷

It makes me want to go out somewhere 🧺.

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