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Today is 冬至 TOJI !

  • Today is 冬至 TOJI the “Winter Solstice” of 二十四節気 Nizyusisekki the 24 solar terms!

The calendar divides the year into 6 parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and winter.

二十四節気 nizyusisekki 24 solar terms in winter
立冬 Risshutou → 小雪 Syosetsu  → 大雪Taisetsu → 冬至 Toji (winter solstice) → 小寒 Shokan → 大寒 Daikan

■ 冬至 TOJI   Winter Solstice
The time of the year when the days are shortest and the nights are longest
Eating pumpkins and soaking in yuzu (citron) baths to pray for good health

The next 24th day of the year is “Shokan” on January 6th.

■ 七十二候 SITIZYUNIKO The 72 solar terms
A calendar that further divides the 24 solar terms into three parts.

・The first season is from 22nd to 26th.
乃東生 Natsukarekusa shozu
The time when Utsubokusa, which withers in summer, starts to sprout.

・The next season, around 27~31
麋角解 Sawashika tuno oru
Around the time when the antlers of moose start to grow back.

・The last season, around the 1st~5th
雪下出麦 Yuki watarite mugi nobiru
Wheat sprouting under the snow, waiting for warm spring under the snow.


Winter Solstice in the middle of winter
This year, the whole country is experiencing a severe cold winter pressure pattern and heavy snow on the Sea of Japan side ❄️.
I’m sure you must be feeling very cold with the news of power outage.
Please be careful and get over it 😔.

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