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  3. Today is the first day of the 24 seasons, “Shosetsu”.

Today is the first day of the 24 seasons, “Shosetsu”.

Calligrapher [Shunyo] sells calligraphy works. 小雪

Today marks the beginning of “Shosetsu,” one of the 24 seasons(二十四節気 Nijyushisekki).

It’s the second winter on the calendar!

Ritto => Shosetsu => Taisetsu => Geshi => Shokan => Taikan

The next 24 seasons will be “Taisetsu” on December 7.

■ 小雪(Shosetsu)
The time when snow begins to fall.
It means that the snow has not yet started to fall.
It’s time to start thinking about year-end gifts.

■ 72 micro-seasons (七十二候 Shichijuniko)
The calendar that divides the 24 seasons into three is called the 72 micro-seasons.
From today to the day before Taisetsu is the period of Shosetsu.


・初候(Shoko) Around 22~27 days
虹蔵不見 (Nijikakuretemiezu)
A time when rainbows are no longer seen.
A time when the sunshine weakens, the sky becomes cloudy, and rainbows are rarely seen.


・次候(Jiko) Around 28~2 days
朔風払葉 きたかぜこのはをはらう
When the north wind blows the leaves off the trees.
“朔風” means the north wind.


・末候(Makko) Around 3~6 days
橘始黄 (Tachibanahajimetekibamu)
When the leaves of the tachibana trees turn yellow.
Tachibana is a type of citrus that has been growing wild in Japan for a long time.

Before we know it, we are wearing winter clothes.
Before we know it, we are turning on the heat.
It’s winter 🧤🧣


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