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  3. Today is the first day of the 24 seasons, “Ritto”.

Today is the first day of the 24 seasons, “Ritto”.

Calligrapher [Shunyo] sells calligraphy works. 立冬

Today marks the beginning of “Ritto,” one of the 24 seasons(二十四節気 Nijyushisekki).

It’s winter on the calendar!

Ritto => Shosetsu => Taisetsu => Geshi => Shokan => Taikan

The next 24 seasons will be “Shosetsu” on November 22.

■ 立冬(Ritto)
It’s that time of the year when winter begins.
It’s time to prepare for the cold and start preparing for winter.

■ 72 micro-seasons (七十二候 Shichijuniko)
The calendar that divides the 24 seasons into three is called the 72 micro-seasons.
From today to the day before Shosetsu is the period of Ritto.


初候(Shoko) Around 7~11 days
山茶始開 (Tsubakihajimetehiraku)
This is the time when the sazanka flowers begin to bloom.
The name “sazanka” is the same as “tsubaki,” but it means “sasanqua.


次候(Jiko) Around 12~16 days
地始凍 (Tihajimetekoru)
The time when the earth begins to freeze.
The nights are getting colder and the mornings are sometimes frosty.


・末候(Makko) Around 17~21 days
金盞香 (Kinsenkasaku)きんせんかさく
The time when daffodils bloom.
This is not a calendula flower, but a daffodil flower.


The Chinese fragrant olive, which usually blooms in October, is now in full bloom.

Does this mean that the earth’s climate is different from the past?

This winter is predicted to be cold.

I have to hurry up and prepare for winter… 🧤🧣


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